Hot and Cold

Silly Snake was sitting in his den eating breakfast when he heard a knock at the door.

“Come on in,” said Silly Snake.

“What are you doing inside on such a hot day?” asked Mother, who was holding a bag of groceries in her hand.

“Mother!” exclaimed Silly Snake. “What a nice surprise!”

Silly Snake’s Mother barely visits with him because she lives in the city and it takes her quite a bit of time to take the bus out to the country.

“I thought I would bring lunch for my son,” said Mother. “But it is such a nice hot day outside, I thought we could eat outdoors.”

“Sure,” said Silly Snake.

“It has been strange weather this summer,” said Mother. “One day it is too hot and the next you need to wear a sweater.”

“Yes,” said Silly Snake. “I don’t think I have ever seen a summer like this.”

Mother and Silly Snake prepared sandwiches for themselves and took them outdoors to eat. Mother was right. It was very hot outside. Mother and Silly Snake spent a good part of the day outside.

The next day, Silly Snake made himself a sandwich out of the leftovers his Mother had brought him. He decided he would again, take it outdoors to eat. The minute he opened the door to his den, he knew he was going to have to put a sweater on. It was very cool outside. The next day it was very warm.

The whole summer was like that and everyone ended coming down with colds. One never knew from one day to the next what the weather was going to be like so it was very hard for people to plan on what to wear. Silly Snake got into the habit of always taking a sweater with him. That way, if it was too warm he could always take it off.

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