Too Hot

Prairie Kid came in from outside. He had sweat from his head to his toes. It was a very hot summer day. He made himself a large pitcher of lemonade and added a whole tray of ice cubes into it. Prairie Kid sipped on his ice cold lemonade.

“Prairie Kid,” said his neighbour Joe, who had just knocked at the front door of Prairie Kid’s house. “How are you going to get any work done in this heat.”

“I really am wondering that myself,” said Prairie Kid. “There is so much I have to do too.”

Prairie Kid looked at the thermometer on the wall of his front porch.

“It is 35 degrees Celsius out there,” said Prairie Kid, wiping the sweat off his forehead.

“Wow!” exclaimed Joe. “It is much to hot to be doing any more work today.”

“I agree,” said Prairie Kid.

That afternoon, Prairie Kid fell asleep because he was just so hot. When he woke up, he made himself a nice cold salad and a roast beef sandwich. He went outside and he found he was able to get a bit more work done because the temperature had dropped a little bit.

The next morning, Prairie Kid got up very early and ate a bowl of cereal and some toast. He was outside just as the sun was coming up. He felt a nice cool breeze on his back as he laboured away bringing hay in off the field. When it got too hot again in the afternoon, Prairie Kid stopped work and relaxed.

“Too hot again,” said his neighbour Joe, who was at his front door again. “I can’t seem to get anything done.”

“I actually got a lot accomplished today,” said Prairie Kid.

“How?” asked Joe.

“I went outside after dinner last night,” said Prairie Kid. “It was a little cooler then but I managed to get a lot done this morning, very early this morning. It was a lot cooler outside at 5:00 am.”

“I see,” said Joe. “So that is why you are just resting right now then?”

“Yes,” said Prairie Kid. “I work until the heat starts getting really bad and then take a break and let it cool down before I go back at it again.”

“Awesome idea,” said Joe.

Prairie Kid and Joe were able to get all of their work done and didn’t have to suffer too badly during the hot summer weather they were having.

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