Victor – A Monster’s Diary – Entry 12 – Helga

Dear Diary,

I had a huge surprise show up at my front door today. Helga came to see me after 160 years. I just couldn’t believe it. I actually thought that she died years ago but it turns out that she is still very much alive.

Helga told me that she moved overseas shortly after she had put that spell on me. She has been there ever since. She had only come back to Canada because she had to tie up some loose ends with the estate of her great-great-grandfather. He had died several years ago but the courts had just found out where Helga was living. She was the soul heir. Helga explained to me that she was going back overseas once her affairs here were settled. That was her home now.

Helga told me that she was very sorry about the curse that she had put on me 160 years ago. She asked me if I would like to have the spell reversed. I told her no, that I  am happy with my life and that it would be pointless to change it now, after all these years.

Helga told me this would probably be the very last opportunity for me to change back to the person I was before the spell. I thanked her and reassured her that I was fine with my life that way it was. She left.

Helga’s unexpected visit did make me think about my old life, which I had not given a second thought to in 160 years. I thought about my wife, my son and my daughter who left me just after Helga put that spell on me. I knew they would no longer be alive. The only reason I was still alive is because of the spell. I could end up living for another 300 years or so.

I thought about my job that I held as a banker all those years ago. I thought about how unhappy I was at that job and how no matter how much money I was making at the time, that it never seemed to be enough. I also thought about the millions of dollars I had swindled from the bank and how they never figured out it was me that took it.

I thought about what would happen if I did get Helga to reverse the spell after all these years. I would not gain anything from that at all because my old life was buried to me. I also thought about the fact that there was really nothing left of my old life after all these years.

I was happy with my decision to keep the life I currently have because at this point it is the only life I have known for the majority of my life.


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