A Different Kind of Monster

I am considered by many to be a monster. People see me as ugly and mean. I don’t know where they get that from. I don’t consider myself to be ugly at all. In fact, I happen to love the way I look.

Ever since I was a child, I have a big gash on my left cheek. I got that from an accident that I was apparently in. I don’t remember it because I was only 3 years old when it happened.

I have learned to live with the scar so why is it that when people see me, they run and hide. I am positive that it is the scar that has made people label me as a monster.

Over the years, people have made me so angry because they rejected me over and over again bot not one person has seen it in their hearts to look past the scar. Not one person has ever taken the time to talk with me.

I have had enough. I decided that I am not going to be the monster everyone wants me to be. I am going to be a different kind of monster. I am going to fight back.

Today, I was in a bookstore looking for books on how to overcome being shy and how to be more aggressive. A woman and her young boy walked past me and the boy pointed to me.

“Come on,” the woman said, taking her young boy by the hand. “That man is a monster. Stay away from him.”

The woman and the young boy walked outside of the store. I followed them out and I called the woman over to me.

“Why did you call me a monster?” I asked.

The woman stood there dumbfounded.

“You know,” I said to her. “I was not much older than your boy is now when I was in an accident that left me with this scar on my face.”

“I’m sorry,” said the woman, picking up her boy and hugging him close. “I had no idea.”

“That is okay,” I said. “I would just be careful what you say to others until you know all the facts.”

“You are right,” said the woman.

The young boy dropped his teddy bear on the ground. I bent over to pick it up and hand it back to the young boy.

From that day on, I noticed less people were calling me a monster and some are even starting to be friendly toward me. I am very happy about that.

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