Halloween Night with Creepy Creature

It was Halloween night in Banff, Alberta. There was a full moon shining down brightly on the mountainous town. Creepy Creature screamed with delight as he walked out of his cave and saw the full moon. He knew this was going to be a fun Halloween night.

Creepy Creature walked the short distance to town. He screamed when he saw the children dressed in their Halloween costumes. He screamed when he saw the children trick-or-treating.

“The children have started trick-or-treating already,” said Creepy Creature to himself.

Creepy Creature was upset. He wanted to be the first one to trick-or-treat. He went over to the busiest street in downtown Banff and he stood in the middle of the street and screamed his lungs out. His screaming was very annoying. One young woman yelled at Creepy Creature and told him to stop. Creepy Creature just screamed louder. Without warning, he jumped onto the young woman’s leg and he wrapped himself around her.

“Get off my leg,” said the young woman. “You really are annoying.”

“I will get off your leg if you give me your candy,” said Creepy Creature, noting the woman had a bag of candy she was carrying for her child.

“No,” said the woman. “Get your own.”

Creepy Creature clung onto her leg and he continued to scream at the top of his lungs. The woman reached into the bag of candy and gave Creepy Creature a big handful of candy. He let go of her leg and he stopped his screaming. He gobbled down the candy he just got and held his hand out for more.

“No,” said the woman, walking away. “You have had enough already. If you want more, you can trick-or-treat for yourself.”

Creepy Creature was going to scream again but the woman told him that his temper tantrum was not going to work. Creepy Creature decided he would go and trick-or-treat for his own candy before it was too late.


Moral of this Story:

  • It isn’t nice to have a temper tantrum.
  • Example: Creepy Creature had a temper tantrum when the young woman didn’t let him have any more of her candy.

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