Dance Classes on Halloween Night

It is Halloween night in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba. It is close to winter in Winnipeg. It is freezing cold and there is a ton of snow already.

Beastly walked the streets dressed only in his tuxedo. Meanwhile, everyone else had their winter coats, boots, scarves, hats and even their long underwear on.

Normally, people stare at Beastly because of the fact that he wears a tuxedo all the time but they also stare at him because he has big long ears. His ears look like donkey ears. One of the reasons he wears a tuxedo is because he feels he would rather have people tease him for that instead of for his long ears.

Beastly did notice that nobody was teasing him on this Halloween night. He was very happy about that.

“I think everyone thinks my tuxedo and long ears are my Halloween costume,” said Beastly to himself. “This is wonderful.”

Beastly felt so good about the fact that he wasn’t being teased that he decided he was going to dance. Beastly loved to dance. It was his favourite thing to do.

So, there was Beastly, in the middle of downtown Winnipeg, dancing up a storm. People who were passing by, noticed Beastly dancing and a crowd started to gather, cheering him on.

“Young man,” said one older woman. “You are such a fine dancer. You should teach dance classes.”

“I have always wanted to do that,” said Beastly.

“Well,” said the woman. “There is no time like the present. I would love you to teach me right here and right now.”

Several other women spoke up and said they would like some dance classes as well. Beastly was in his glory. Not one of those women teased him. In fact, they fell in love with him for his dancing skills. Truth be told, they were mesmerized by his dancing skills. Not one of them even noticed his big long ears.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is not good to tease anyone.
  • Example: Beastly was worried about being teased but the women loved his dancing.

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