Missing Vampires

Vamp was walking through the shopping mall, the week before Halloween. He noticed something very disturbing at any of the Halloween shops he had visited. He noticed that not one of the Halloween shops were selling vampire costumes.

“What is up with that?” Vamp asked himself. “What is Halloween without a vampire costume?”

Vamp went up to the store owner of the next shop he saw and spoke to him.

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” said the store owner. “Vampires are just not popular this year. We have had no demand for them at all.”

Vamp would have almost believed what the store owner was telling him, that was until he heard two customers whispering to each other at the back of the store.

“Where are the vampire costumes this year?” one customer asked.

“I have no idea,” said the other customer. “I am really disappointed. I was wanting to dress up as a vampire this year.”

“Me too,” said the first customer. “I love vampires.”

“I hear that Dan, that mean and nasty vampire is going around buying up all the vampire costumes,” said a third customer, who just happened to overhear the conversation as well.

“Dan,” thought Vamp to himself. “That makes perfect sense.”

Vamp knew where Dan lived. He lived high up in the mountains in a little shack all by himself. Vamp went to visit Dan the very next morning.

“Dan,” said Vamp, when Dan answered his door.

“Yes,” said Dan. “Who are you?”

“My name is Vamp,” said Vamp. “I am not sure if you know who I am at all. I am the good vampire.”

“Oh yes,” said Dan. “I do remember something about that.”

“How come you are buying up all the vampire costumes?” asked Vamp.

“I thought vampires were a dying breed,” said Dan. “I thought I was the last vampire left.”

“No,” said Vamp. “You are not the last vampire. There is myself and my sister, Melanie.”

“I see,” said Dan. “I didn’t realize you had a sister.”

“Either did I,” said Vamp. “I just recently found out about her. I was taken to the United States and was raised by a family there and then when my real mother died, I came back here to Transylvania.”

“Your real mother died,” said Dan. “I am sorry to hear that. What was your mother’s name?”

“Sylvia,” said Vamp.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Dan. “My sister’s name was Sylvia and she died a few years back.”

“You mean you are my uncle,” said Vamp.

“Yes,” said Dan. “I suppose I am.”

“Then if that is the case we need to let people know vampires still exist,” said Vamp. “We need our family history to stay alive.”

Dan went into his back room and pulled out several boxes of vampire costumes.

“Take these back to the stores,” said Dan. “I want you to tell the store owners to give these away so that we may have as many vampires out this Halloween as we can.”

Vamp did as his uncle told him and he was very pleased to see a lot of vampires out on the streets on Halloween night. Vamp was also pleased to see that his uncle decided to come down out of the mountains and spend Halloween night with himself and his sister, Melanie.

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