Batty Hurt His Wings

It was Halloween and Batty was so excited. Halloween was his favourite time of year. He couldn’t wait until the trick-or-treaters came to the door of his cave. He loved spooking them. He loved hearing their screams as he flew around just above their heads. He loved how they would fling their arms around. He was always so careful to make sure he was out of arms reach so that he didn’t hurt himself, well, almost careful.

The first of the children came and knocked on the cave door. Batty went to answer it and he was so Intrigued and interested in the costumes the young children were wearing that he had forgotten that the door was very heavy and that it would spring closed all by itself really quickly. Batty could not move himself out of the way in time and he felt the sting of the door as it closed on his left wing.

“Oh,” Batty heard a young voice. ”You poor, poor bat. That must have hurt.”

It wasn ‘t until he heard that those words that he felt a tear sting his eyes. His wing was very sore. The little girl, behind the voice, picked him up and very gently set him on his sofa.

”Halloween is ruined,” said Batty to the little girl.

“No it isn’t,” said the little girl, going into Batty’s kitchen and bringing him some ice for his wing. “You will feel better soon.”

Batty was so relieved that the little girl was there to help him. A few minutes after the ice was applied to his wing, Batty felt so much better.

“Thank you, ”Batty said to the little girl. ”The ice really seemed to help.”

“You are welcome, ” said the little girl.

“You are very kind, ” said, Batty.

“Do you think so? ”said the little girl. “I want to be a veterinarian when I grow up.”

“I am so happy to hear you say that,” said Batty. ”I would be your patient.”

“I think you already are, ” said the little girl, laughing.

“Very true, ” said Batty. ”And a very grateful patient at that.”

The doorbell rang. Batty went to answer it. This time he was very careful to make sure the heavy door, didn’t slam closed on him again.

Batty had a wonderful Halloween night, dishing out candy to the trick-or-treaters and being able to fly around scaring the children. Batty turned around after that group of children left, to speak to the little girl. However, he could not see her. She had left.

Batty did notice a business card on his table. The business card had the name of Anne on it. The next day, Batty went to see Anne.

“I want you to be my vet, ” said Batty to the little girl when she answered the door.

“You will have to wait a few years though,” laughed Anne’s father, who had just walked down the hallway.

“But Daddy can be your vet for the meantime,” said Anne.

Batty liked that idea very much. When Anne did grow up to be a vet, Batty was her very first patient.

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