Arrow’s Adventure in Fun Land

Arrow is a three year old cat that loves to go on adventures. He had heard a lot about Fun Land and he wanted to go there so badly. He heard that Fun Land had lots of games to play and lots of food to eat. One thing that Arrow loved was eating food.

One Saturday morning, Mommy got up extra early and she started to put Arrow’s leash on him.

“Where are we going Mommy?” asked Arrow excitedly dancing all over the bed.

“We are going to Fun Land today,” said Mommy.

Arrow was so happy and so excited. He couldn’t believe that he was going to get to go to Fun Land.

“Now,” said Mommy to Arrow, when she put him in the van. “You must be a good boy at Fun Land. There are going to be lots of people there and lots of other animals there. I don’t want you to get hurt so you must promise that you will stay close to me.”

“I promise,” said Arrow, too excited to actually listen to all of what Mommy had just said to him.

Arrow gave Mommy a big kiss as she let him out of the van at Fun Land. There were a lot of people there in the parking lot but Arrow didn’t even pay any attention to any of them. He smelled some pretty amazing smells and his tummy was grumbling from all of the different things he smelled.

Mommy saw someone that she recognized in the parking lot and she started talking to them. Arrow couldn’t stand it any longer. He had to go and get some of that great food. He managed to sneak away from Mommy and he wandered off into Fun Land.

Arrow got to the gate and he noticed that there were dogs all over the park. Good thing was though that those dogs were on a leash, just like he was supposed to be. What he didn’t see though was one small dog that was behind him that wasn’t on a leash. The small dog barked and Arrow jumped about twenty feet in the air. Arrow was scared so he started walking through the gate to the entrance of the park but luckily for Arrow, one of the guards saw him and went over and picked him up.

“Now,” said the guard to Arrow. “Just where do you think you are going?”

“Fun Land,” said Arrow, purring loudly.

“Not without your owner you aren’t,” said the guard.

Arrow’s tummy was growling so loud that he could hear it over his own purrs. The guard heard it too. The guard gave Arrow some food and to Arrow it was the best food he had ever tasted. Arrow gobbled it up as quickly as he could.

The guard heard a knock on the door and he went to answer it. Arrow could see him Mommy standing at the entrance to the door and she was crying.

“I have lost my cat,” cried Mommy.

“Describe him to me,” said the guard.

“Well,” said Mommy. “He purrs really loudly.”

“I see,” said the guard. “When he gets hungry, does his tummy growl louder than his purrs.”

“Oh my yes!” exclaimed Mommy.

“Is this your cat?” asked the guard, handing Arrow to her.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Mommy, hugging Arrow tightly. “Yes, this is my cat!”

“Now just make sure he doesn’t get away from you again,” said the guard. “There are dogs here in Fun Land too.”

“You will be a good boy right Arrow?” Mommy asked him.

“Yes,” purred Arrow. “I promise I will.”

Arrow and Mommy had a great day at Fun Land. Arrow got to eat lots of different kind of foods and he got to play lots of fun cat games. He was very tired that night and he slept that whole night through.

This story was written for Muneeze Kashif. She won the Halloween Story Contest 2012. Please visit our Contests page if you would like to win aStory Written for You“.

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