Good Little Hobgoblin

Mother and Father woke up early one Sunday morning in their little cottage in southern Scotland. They enjoyed Sunday mornings because they were able to sleep in a little and they could enjoy a nice hearty breakfast together before they set off to do their chores for the day.

“I sure would like to know what keeps happening to all my leftovers,” said Mother one morning while she started to cook breakfast. “Not that I mind because I would rather that they be eaten than have to throw them out.”

“Yes,” said Father. “I do wonder what happens to them. There was that big chunk of ham left over the other night and it disappeared.”

“I guess I don’t have to clean the kitchen floor or dust the house again today either,” said Mother. “It is like someone or something is cleaning up the house for me while we are sleeping.”

“Maybe they are just thankful for the ham and other foods that they are eating,” laughed Father.

“Yes,” said Mother, laughing. “Maybe they are.”

What Mother and Father didn’t know is that while they were sleeping there was a little hobgoblin that visited them. He lived in the attic of their house and they never even knew he was there. The hobgoblin that lived with them had lived in the house for hundreds of years. He slept during the day and only wandered around the house at night when everyone was sleeping.

One night, the hobgoblin was cleaning the kitchen floor and he saw a chunk of ham sitting on the counter. It smelled so good that he had to stop what he was doing and take a big chunk of it. He gobbled that up and it was so good that he had to eat another chunk. Soon, he had eaten the whole chunk of ham.

“That was so good,” said the hobgoblin to himself. “I will do extra work around the house tonight to make up for what I had just eaten.”

The hobgoblin had the kitchen floor sparkling in no time at all and then he decided that he would dust the whole kitchen. He soon saw the sun coming up so he decided that he better get to bed.

A lot of people think that hobgoblins are evil and for the most part they can be. However, there are good little hobgoblins like this one that appreciate what they get in life and they don’t take the things they get for granted. We could take a lesson from this little creature. We need to not take the things that we get for granted and we need to appreciate everything that we do have.

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