Sammy Spider at the Bakery

It was a cool autumn morning. Sammy Spider was looking for a place to spend the winter. He was hoping he could find a nice warm place.

Sammy Spider was walking around the streets Storyland. He caught the smell that was coming from a bakery.

“Oh the smell from the bakery smells so good,” said Sammy Spider. “Maybe I could live at the bakery for the winter.”

Sammy Spider stepped into the bakery. He had to be careful because the bakery was full of people and he didn’t want to get stepped on.

“What a busy place this is?” Sammy said to himself.

“Did you know you have a spider in your shop?” asked a customer, pointing to Sammy.

“No I didn’t know I had a spider in my bakery!” yelled Angry Baker, the owner of the bakery. “Step on it if you are so concerned about it. I don’t have time to deal with a measly little spider.”

Sammy Spider left the bakery as quickly as he could. He did not want to get stepped on.

“I don’t think the bakery is a good place for me to live this winter,” said Sammy. “It is a very busy bakery. I don’t want to end up getting stepped on or hurt.”


Moral of this Story:

  • A bakery is not a good place to live.
  • Example: Sammy Spider thought the bakery would be a good place to live for the winter until he realized there is too many people in the bakery.

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