Under the Sea

Once upon a time, in a deep blue sea, lived a very small seahorse. His name is Frankie Seahorse and he lives with his parents. Frankie loves living in the ocean. He can play with his friends until his heart is content.

It is to Frankie’s advantage that he is small. That way, he is able to dash out the way of danger pretty quick. There are, unfortunately, some dangers that he has to face living in the ocean. Those dangers come in the form of big, scary-looking sharks.

Frankie is terrified of sharks and so are most of the other creatures that live in the ocean. One gobble from a shark and Frankie and his whole family would be history. Luckily for Frankie though, there is only one shark that frequents his underwater village and also luckily for Frankie is that the shark is very, very old and doesn’t see or hear as well as he used to.

Shiny Shark is so old that he hunts only once a day and he always seems to pick the time of day when Frankie is in bed sleeping. Frankie is very happy about this because he really does not want to become Shiny Shark’s next meal.

When Frankie’s mother calls him to come inside for bed, Frankie doesn’t hesitate one bit. He comes in the house right away and goes to bed without any problem whatsoever because he knows that at least if he is in bed sleeping he is safe and secure.

One day, Shiny Shark showed up out of the blue while Frankie was playing with his friends. Everyone stopped playing immediately and ran for cover.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” said Shiny Shark.

“You aren’t?” asked Frankie.

“No,” said Shiny Shark. “As a matter of fact, I’m so old now that the only thing I can eat is porridge. I don’t have any teeth left to chew with.

As soon as Frankie heard that he went around to all of his friends and asked them what they thought.

“Gee Frankie,” said Sally Sun Fish. “I kind of believe old Shiny Shark. I mean, he is very old and I’ve actually never seen his teeth in a very long time to come to think of it.”

“Yeah,” said John Jelly Fish. “And come to think of it, Shiny Shark has never done anything to harm anyone of us.”

“That is true,” said Frankie. “So what do you say that we all become Shiny Shark’s friends?”

All Frankie’s friends agreed and then they all went over to tell Shiny Shark the good news.

“Really,” cried Shiny Shark. “You’ll really be my friend.”

“Absolutely,” said Frankie.

From that day forward, Shiny Shark became friends with all the small creatures of the sea and he never harmed a single one of them. All of his newly found friends were actually quite happy to have Shiny Shark as their friends because no-one else in the ocean knew that Shiny Shark didn’t have any teeth and everyone else was terrified of him.

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