Stormy Summer Day – Fishing Kid

“Another stormy summer day!” cried Fishing Kid, sticking his head out from the hull of his fishing boat. “I will never get this boat into the water this summer.”

Fishing Kid went back down inside the hull. He saw paper and garbage strewn about. The hull smelled musty.

“Harry!” yelled Fishing Kid, seeing his crew foreman coming out of the engine room. “Grab a mop and bucket. Today is cleaning day.”

“I take it we are not going out onto the sea today,” said Harry.

“I take it you haven’t looked outside yet,” said Fishing Kid.

“No,” said Harry. “I haven’t.”

“Well,” said Fishing Kid. “It is another stormy summer day.”

Harry grabbed a mop and bucket and started cleaning one end of the boat. Fishing Kid cleaned the other. Both men were exhausted but the boat was nice and clean.

Harry went up onto the deck and emptied the buckets. He noticed it was no longer storming. He ran down into the hull and told Fishing Kid.

“I am too exhausted,” said Fishing Kid.

“I think we will have to wait until tomorrow morning.”

Fishing Kid and Harry went to sleep early that night. They had a good night’s sleep.

“No!” cried Fishing Kid, seeing heavy rain the next morning. “Not another stormy summer day!”


Moral of this Story:

  • Take advantage of warm summer days.
  • Example: It was a stormy summer day so Fishing Kid decided to clean the boat but was too exhausted to go out when the sun came out.

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