Travelin’ Rick Goes to BC

It was a beautiful summer morning. Travelin’ Rick sat outside on his deck in Calgary, Alberta, enjoying his morning coffee. He looked toward the west and on the horizon he saw the Rocky Mountains.

“It is such a beautiful summer day,” said Travelin’ Rick. “I think I am going to go for a road trip to the mountains.”

Travelin’ Rick packed himself a lunch and got into his car. He drove toward the mountains. He had his window down and he was enjoying the fresh air.

As he drove, he could see the mountains getting closer and closer. He could see the mountain tops were still covered in snow even though it was summer. Pretty soon, he was in Lake Louise. He decided he would stop and have his picnic lunch there.

He found a nice park beside a lake and thought that would be a nice place to stop. He got his picnic basket out of the trunk of the car and sat down at one of the picnic tables.

He took a deep breath and enjoyed the scent coming from the pine trees. It was exhilarating. It wasn’t long before he had a little visitor. A little chipmunk was about a foot away from him.

“Hi there little fellow,” said Travelin’ Rick, giving the chipmunk a little piece of bread.

The chipmunk enjoyed his treat. Travelin’ Rick thought about the last time he had seen a chipmunk. It would have been about a year ago. It would have been when he was living in Ontario. One thing he noticed about the chipmunks in the western provinces was that they were a lot smaller than chipmunks he had seen in Ontario.

After lunch, Travelin’ Rick got in his car and he drove further west. Pretty soon he was in British Columbia. Of all the places he has lived, Travelin’ Rick loved it when he lived in British Columbia. Now that he is living in Calgary, Alberta, he could visit BC whenever he wanted because he was only about an hour or so away.

While driving further west, Travelin’ Rick was in awe at the beauty he saw around him. The trees were very tall, the mountains were huge and the lakes were so beautiful. Most of the lakes were an aqua colour and they were icy cold because they were filled with water coming down from the glaciers.

Besides the chipmunk he had seen, he saw several red-tailed hawks, a few white-tailed deer and some mountain sheep. On his return trip home to Calgary, he saw a baby grizzly bear walking along the side of the road with it’s mother.

Travelin’ Rick pulled his car over to the side of the road and got out his phone and was able to get some pictures of it. In all his travels, this was the first time he had seen a grizzly and he was very happy.

One thing Travelin’ Rick knew, even though the grizzlies were separated by a fence, he knew not to get out of the car. Grizzly bears are one of the most dangerous creatures in Canada. A mother grizzly would do anything to protect her young if she felt there was any kind of danger or threat to it.

Travelin’ Rick thought about the grizzlies all the way home. He was so happy that he got to see them. He knew he loved the west for a reason and that reason was the wildlife he has seen over the years. He also loved the western provinces because of the beautiful landscape and mountains.

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