Lazy Summer Days

Billy Troll was in his recording studio. He was working on a new CD. It was very hot in the studio and he had sweat rolling off his forehead. 
“Lazy summer days 
I really hope they stay 
It’s time to stay cool 
And take a dip in the pool” 
Billy decided he wanted to add the sound of a tambourine to his song so he went up to the house to see if his wife, Dianne, would help him. 
“Dianne,” called Billy, when he walked through the front door. “I need your help.” 
Dianne didn’t answer. Billy went looking for her. He finally found her in the bedroom having a nap. It was very hot in the house. He turned on the fan in the bedroom and went back to the studio. 
“Lazy summer days 
There are always ways 
To have a nap and sleep  
And not say a peep. 
Lazy, lazy summer days 
Ward off its deep haze 
Best days to rest your head 
And don’t dare make the bed.” 
Billy added the tambourine sound himself and he added the song to his new CD. 
Dianne came out to the studio after her nap. She heard the tail end of Billy’s new song. 
“Where did you get the idea for this song?” asked Dianne. 
“From you,” said Billy, laughing. 
“How was I an inspiration for your song?” asked Dianne. 
“I wanted you to play tambourine in the song,” said Billy. “I went into the house and found you taking a nap. Oh, and I noticed it was hot in the bedroom so I turned the fan on for you.” 
“Thank you,” said Dianne. “But, there is a reason I took a nap. I have to work all night tonight.” 
“Oh,” said Billy yawning. “I think I need a nap.” 
“You better hurry up and get that nap,” said Dianne. “You have to work too. It is the Troll Town Lazy Summer Days Concert tonight.” 
“I thought that was next week,” said Billy. 
“It is tonight,” said Dianne. 
“So much for my lazy summer day nap,” laughed Billy, gathering up his equipment. 

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