Birds in the Sky

“There are birds in the sky,” said Cutie, sitting in the kitchen window, watching them fly by, on a beautiful summer afternoon.

“Birds are always flying in the sky,” said Arrow. “That is not a big deal.”

“True,” said Cutie. “But I want you to go catch one for me.”

“Why would I, your precious fat and furry brother want to chase birds for you?” asked Arrow.

“Because you love me,” said Cutie.

“I do love you,” said Arrow, yawning. “However, you are forgetting one small important factor.”

“What are you talking about?” asked Cutie.

“There is a window between us and the birds,” explained Arrow. “Also, we are indoor cats. You know Mommy will never let us outside.”

“You are always ruining things for me,” said Cutie, pouting.

“No,” said Arrow. “I am just being practical. We just can’t go catch a bird in the sky.”

“Fine,” said Cutie, swatting at the window. “A cat can dream.”

“Go back to your dream,” said Arrow, falling asleep.


Moral of this Story:

  • Indoor cats cannot chase birds in the sky, no matter what they think.
  • Example: Cutie wanted Arrow to chase birds for her. However, they are indoor cats so it is not going to happen.

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