Arrow’s Birthday Party

“What is this?” asked Cutie, when Arrow handed her an envelope.

“Open it and find out,” said Arrow.

Cutie opened the envelope. Inside was an invitation to a birthday party.

“You are having a birthday party for yourself,” laughed Cutie. “I’m not going to go.”

“Why not?” asked Arrow, clearly disappeared.

“I’m busy,” said Cutie.

“Too busy for Jesse and JD?” asked Arrow.

“Jesse and JD from CJAY 92 are coming to your birthday,” said Cutie, ears perked right up and her tail wagging.

“Yes,” said Arrow. “They are. It is okay, though. I’m sure they will understand that you are too busy.”

“Well,” said Cutie. “I was too busy but I’m not anymore.”

“I might be too busy with my birthday party to invite you,” said Arrow, taking the invitation out of Cutie’s paw.

“You already invited me,” said Cutie. “I will be there.”

“Fine,” said Arrow.

The morning of Arrow’s birthday came. He had cat treats and bowls of water set out for his party.

“Where the heck are Jesse and JD?” asked Cutie.

Arrow went over to the radio and turned it on to the CJAY 92 morning show with Jesse and JD.

“You said they were going to be here,” said Cutie.

“Not in person,” said Arrow.

“Oh you!” cried Cutie, giving Arrow a swat. “You are mean.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Never believe a cat.
  • Example: Arrow told Cutie that Jesse and JD would be there for his birthday. She thought he meant they would be there in person.

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