A Heart Warming Easter

George sat down on a park bench near Easter Lily’s garden. He just lost his job. He was very sad. He had a young family

at home and he was afraid to tell them.

“What is wrong?” Easter Lily asked, seeing George.

“Nothing,” said George.

George stood up and was getting ready to leave.

“Please don’t go,” said Easter Lily. “I didn’t mean to pry but if you need help, I can help you.”

“I lost my job,” said George. “How are you going to help me with that? I have a young family to look after. Are you going to be able to help me feed them?”

“Possibly,” said Easter Lily. “Do you know there is a new factory that just opened up? They are hiring.”

“I didn’t know,” said George. “I am sorry for what I just said.”

“Apology accepted,” said Easter Lily, giving George the address to the factory.

George went to the factory and when they saw his resume, they hired him immediately for more money than what he was making at his old job.

George went back to the garden. He gave Easter Lily a big hug.

“Thank you so much,” said George. “I got a job at the factory for more money than I was making before.”

“Happy Easter,” said Easter Lily.

“Happy Easter to you as well,” said George.


Moral of this Story:

  • There are some people that can genuinely help us.
  • Example: George didn’t think Easter Lily could be of any help to his situation.

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