St. Patrick’s Day for Jesse and JD

“Arrow!” exclaimed Cutie, sticking her paw in his face. “I just heard it is St. Patrick’s Day.”

“Why did you wake me up just for that?” asked Arrow. “I was having a great sleep.”

“Don’t you care that it is St. Patrick’s Day?” asked Cutie.” Do you even know what St. Patrick’s Day is?”

“Isn’t this the day I get to drink green beer?” asked Arrow.

“Arrow!” shouted Cutie.” How do you know about green beer? You have never even had a sip of beer in your entire life.”

“Have you?” asked Arrow.

“Absolutely not,” said Cutie.

“I bet Jesse and JD have,” said Arrow.

“I wonder what the heck Jesse and JD are doing for St. Patrick’s Day,” said Cutie, ignoring her brother’s comment.

“I bet they are at a local pub,” laughed Arrow. “I bet they are drinking green beer.”

“Arrow!” yelled Cutie, giving him a swat. “What is with you and green beer?”

“Nothing,” said Arrow. “So what do you think Jesse and JD are doing?”

“I think they are out chasing leprechauns,” said Cutie.

“Are you sure you haven’t drank any green beer?” asked Arrow. “Everyone knows there is no such thing as a leprechaun.”

Arrow laughed and went outside. Cutie followed.

“What is that?” asked Arrow, seeing a little man dressed in green, walking down the street.

“It is a leprechaun,” said Cutie. “You know the ones you just said don’t exist.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is okay to believe in leprechauns.
  • Example: Arrow didn’t believe in leprechauns but then he saw one.

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