Christopher Corn and a Happy Song

Christopher Corn and Chard Benning were sitting in Loud Garden with their guitars.

“It is my birthday today,” said Christopher. “I want to show everyone I can have a fun birthday.”

“If it is your birthday today,” said Chard. “Then it is one year that I have been here in Loud Garden.”

“Yes,” said Christopher. “It is your one year anniversary from leaving Earth.”

“A tough day,” said Chard.

“We need this day to be a happy one,” said Christopher. “I won’t have tears or sadness on my birthday.”

Christopher and Chard started strumming their guitars. They started singing a happy song that was filled with joy.

“Let’s clap and sing,” sang Christopher. “Happy times we will bring. Happy song, its time to sing. Happy songs, joy we bring.”

Chard laid down his guitar. He grabbed Christopher by the hand and the two began to dance, a very happy dance.

“You know,” said Christopher, smiling. “Music brings me such joy. It makes me feel so good inside.”

“It certainly does,” said Chard, still laughing and dancing. “Happy Birthday, Christopher.”

“Thank you,” said Christopher. “Isn’t this a better way to spend the day?”

“It is,” said Chard. “Much better.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Music can bring joy.
  • Example: Christopher Corn and Chard Benning both felt that music brings them joy.
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