Christopher Corn and Laughter in Song

Christopher Corn was walking through the east end of Loud Garden. He wanted to see his friend, Chard Benning. He knew this was going to be a tough day because it was July 20th.

July 20th was Christopher’s 54th birthday but it was also the day Chard left his life on Earth to be with him in Loud Garden.

Christopher saw Chard. He waved to him but then he realized Chard had his head between his legs. Christopher thought he heard Chard crying. He saw Chard’s guitar leaned up against a rock. Christopher grabbed it and started singing and playing it.

“Let’s have some fun,” sang Christopher. “Good times in the sun. Good times with you. And for me too.”

Chard wiped the tears from his eyes and started to dance.

“It is always fun being around you,” said Chard.

“I am glad there are no more tears,” said Christopher. “This is a tough day.”

“Yes it is,” said Chard.

“Let’s sing and play more guitar,” said Christopher.

Christopher and Chard spent the rest of the day playing songs and sharing some laughter together. They had a wonderful time.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to have fun with music.
  • Example: It was a tough day for Christopher Corn and Chard Benning but music helped them get through it.
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