Christopher Corn’s Happy Birthday Surprise

Christopher Corn was in the barn setting up the stage for an upcoming concert. It was his birthday and the Fresh Veggie Family wanted to have a surprise birthday party for him but they had to find a way to keep him occupied while they decorated the barn.

“Why don’t we get Chard Benning to keep him occupied?” asked Cameron Cauliflower.

“That is a great idea,” said Mrs. Tomato. “Christopher and Chad have spent a lot of time together recently.”

Mrs. Tomato called Chard. He was more than happy to help out. He went to the barn and saw Christopher setting up the stage.

“Christopher,” said Chard. “Please come with me. I want you to hear my new song.”

“Grab a guitar here,” said Christopher. “I really need to finish setting up this stage.”

“Well,” said Chard, realizing it was going to be a lot harder to get Christopher out of the barn than he thought.

“I am using an acoustic guitar,” said Chard. “Not the electric one.”

“Can your song wait, even for a few hours?” asked Christopher.

“Unfortunately not,” said Chard. “It will only take a minute.”

“Okay,” said Christopher. “I can take a short break.”

“We will need about an hour,” whispered Mrs. Tomato to Chard.

Christopher and Chard walked through Loud Garden to Chard’s house. Chard got out his acoustic guitar and sang the verse of a song he had been working on.

“You brought me all the way to your house just for that verse,” said Christopher. “Chard, I was here yesterday when you wrote it. I really have to get back to the barn.”

“No,” said Chard. “You can’t!”

“What do you mean I can’t?” asked Christopher. “I have a lot of work to do.”

Chard started strumming the guitar and started singing whatever came to his mind.

“Three chickens and a fox,” sang Chard. “They once all lived in a box. The box was full of hay and it made them want to stay.”

Christopher started to laugh. He loved Chard’s silly song. He forgot all about having to get back to the barn. He picked up an old guitar Chard had and started singing along with him.

About an hour later, Chard got a call from Mrs. Tomato. The barn was ready for Christopher’s party.

“We have done enough here,” said Chard. “Don’t you need to get back to the barn?”

“But we were having so much fun,” said Christopher.

“I know,” said Chard. “But I took up enough of your time.”

“It is like you are trying to get rid of me,” said Christopher.

“No,” said Chard, trying to think quickly. “I will help you set up the stage.”

“That sounds good,” said Christopher. “Let’s go.”

Christopher and Chard reached the barn.

“Surprise!” exclaimed Mrs. Tomato and the rest of the Fresh Veggie Family. “Happy Birthday, Christopher!”

“Wait a minute,” said Christopher. “Is that why you took me to your house?”

“Yes,” admitted Chard. “It was.”

“Thank you,” said Christopher. “Thank you everyone. This is the best birthday surprise ever!”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to give someone special a surprise birthday party.
  • Example: The Fresh Veggie Family threw a surprise birthday party for Christopher Corn.
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