Ice came to live with us in mid-March. He came at a point in my life when I really needed someone to love and cuddle and just someone that I could pour my heart out to and not worry about him talking back and telling me what I was thinking was wrong.

The first day or so of getting Ice, he had a sore paw. We had taken him for a walk across the street and he may have gotten a thorn or cactus prickle in his paw. He limped on it for about a week or so.

It is easier for a human to have a sore foot than it is for a dog because a dog has to get up and go outside and do his business no matter what. I would take Ice outside frequently during this sore paw period.

Because I walk a little slower than others because of a problem I have with my legs, Ice, with his sore paw and limping on the other three paws, actually stopped and waited for me to come down the stairs. Imagine, a dog with a sore paw, limping, waiting for me. I was shocked and amazed at his behavior and I think this was the point that I totally fell in love with him. No dog in my entire life has ever waited for me. As a matter of fact, I was unable to take any dog for a walk because of this reason but not Ice.

Ice is the most gentle dog and loving dog that I have ever met in my life and he makes me so happy just by being him. I am so proud to be his owner and he will always have my respect.

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