Jacob and Baby

“Oh, look at what Mommy brought home for me to play with,” said Jacob, a two year old black Pomeranian. “A kitten!”

“Now Jacob,” said Mommy, holding the kitten up to Jacobs nose. “This is Baby. She is just a little baby kitten. Now, don’t you ever hurt her.”

“Jacob,” said Baby, pointing her sharp little claws at him. “You do as Mommy says and don’t you ever hurt me!”

“Listen Baby,” said Jacob. “I was here first so you’d better be careful!”

“Trying to threaten me, are you!” said Baby. “Well watch this!”

“Meow!” Baby cried, as loud as she could.

“Jacob!” exclaimed Mommy, pulling Baby away from Jacob and closer to her. “I told you not to hurt Baby!”

Jacob went out into the kitchen to eat his food. Baby followed him.

“If you know what’s good for you,” said Baby to Jacob, when she noticed the look Jacob had on his face. “You will just move over and let me eat with you.”

Baby pulled her claws out and showed them to Jacob. Jacob moved over and when Mommy came into the kitchen she started laughing.

“Oh my!” she laughed. “Jacob you are pathetic, letting a baby kitten eat with you! What a wimpy dog?”

“Come on, Baby,” said Mommy, picking her up from the floor. “I’ll give you a nice little treat.”

Baby purred and when Mommy wasn’t looking, she stuck her tongue out at Jacob.

“Here Baby,” said Mommy, setting down a bowl with some salmon juice in it.

Baby loved her treat. Of course, Jacob had to come over to investigate. Jacob was about to stick his nose in Baby’s bowl.

“Back off!” hissed Baby to Jacob, with her back arched up and her fur stuck straight up in the air.

“Jacob!” exclaimed Daddy, coming out into the kitchen to see what all the commotion was about. “You leave Baby alone!”

Mommy bent down and picked Baby up. She started to purr.

“There, there,” said Mommy, petting Baby on the head.

Jacob barked and pranced around the kitchen, almost knocking his food bowl flying.

“Bedtime Jakie boy!” exclaimed Daddy.

“Thanks a lot!” exclaimed Jacob to Baby, brushing past her and heading upstairs to his bed.

“Meow!” cried Baby.

“There, there,” said Mommy, petting Baby on the head. “It’s okay Baby. That mean old doggie isn’t going to hurt you!”

That night, Baby wandered the house freely, while everyone else was asleep, including Jacob.

“Well Jacob,” said Baby, who woke Jacob up out of a sound sleep. “You blew it!”

“What?” asked Jacob.

“Well, in any other house the dog always rules,” said Baby. “In this house, I rule!”

Jacob got angry and started to bark.

“That was intelligent,” laughed Baby. “You probably just woke everyone up.”

“Oh be quiet!” yelled Jacob.

Daddy and Mommy came into the bedroom. Mommy bent down and picked up Baby.

“Jacob!” yelled Daddy. “Go to sleep!”

Mommy took Baby into her room for the night. Baby stuck her tongue out at Jacob on the way by.

“I think I’m going to love living here,” said Baby.

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