A Mother’s Day Sing-A-Long

Billy Troll took his guitar to the park. It was Mother’s Day and he saw several young mothers with their children.

“Gather around,” sang Billy. “And you can help me sing-along.”

The mothers took their children and sat in a circle around Billy.

“Oh, the reasons I love my mother are,” sang Billy.

Billy would point to random children in the crowd and they would shout out their answers.

“Because she tucks me in at night,” sang one little boy.

“Because she bakes me apple pie,” sang another.

“Because she kisses my hurts away,” sang a little girl.

“Oh, I love my mother because,” sang Billy, quickly picking up the tempo. “She loves me!”

“Oh my dear son,” said Billy’s mother, who just happened to be walking in the park. “I love you so much!”

“I love you too,” sang Billy. “Happy Mother’s Day!”


Moral of this Story:

  • Always tell your mother the reasons you love her.
  • Example: Billy Troll sang a song to the mothers in the park and their children sang along with him.

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