A Restful Mother’s Day

“I am so tired today,” said Mother Elf, after drying the breakfast dishes.

“Why don’t you go rest,” said Jason. “Annie and I can finish up here. It is Mother’s Day, after all.”

“I think I will take you up on that offer,” said Mother Elf.

Jason and Annie finished up the breakfast dishes for Mother Elf and when they were finished that, they swept the floors, dusted all the furniture and put their toys away.

Mother Elf felt much better after her nap. She was very proud of her two children and all they had done for her. To her surprise, they weren’t finished yet. Annie ran Mother Elf a bubble bath and Jason made her a cup of her favourite herbal tea.

“I feel like a princess,” said Mother Elf.

“You are a princess,” said Annie.

“You two deserve a treat,” said Mother Elf. “Let’s go for some ice-cream.”

Mother Elf took Jason and Annie for some very well-deserved ice-cream. They enjoyed the rest of Mother’s Day together and they enjoyed themselves immensely.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is nice to be able to just rest when you need it.
  • Example: Jason and Annie let Mother Elf take a rest when she needed one on Mother’s Day.

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