Acorn Pie for Mother’s Day

“Grandmother,” said Little Crow, flying over to where he saw his grandmother tending to her flower garden. “I have something special for you for Mother’s Day.”

“Oh, Little Crow,” cried Grandmother. “I know I am not your mother and I don’t ever want to replace her in your heart.”

“You have always been there for me,” said Little Crow. “You have taken care of me since the day I was hatched. I know you are not my mother. However, you are the closest thing to a mother that I have ever had.”

“I guess I must have done something right in raising you,” said Grandmother. “You have turned out to be the kindest little crow I have ever met and I am so proud of you.”

Little Crow gave Grandmother a big hug. He then motioned for her to follow him up to the house.

“Something smells good,” said Grandmother.

“I baked you an acorn pie,” said Little Crow, slicing a piece of it for grandmother.

“Oh thank you,” said Grandmother, taking a bite. “This is perfect and so tasty.”

“I am so glad you like it,” said Little Crow. “Happy Mother’s Day, Grandmother.”

“Thank you,” said Grandmother, wiping tears from her eyes.


Moral of this Story:

  • Always appreciate those who take care of us.
  • Example: Little Crow baked his grandmother an acorn pie for Mother’s Day because he appreciated everything she had done for him.

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