Rain, Rain and More Rain

“I can’t believe it,” said Mommy, giving her cat, Arrow his breakfast. “It is still raining outside.”

When Arrow finished his breakfast, he went over to Mommy’s legs and rubbed his head up against them.

“I am sorry,” said Mommy, picking Arrow up and giving him a big hug. “I know you want to go outside and play but it is just too wet out there.”

Arrow decided he would have a nap if Mommy wasn’t going to take him outside. He slept for a few hours and while he slept, he had a dream that he was outside playing. He dreamt that it was a beautiful, warm summer day.

“Maybe I can go outside and play now,” said Arrow when he woke up. “Maybe it stopped raining.”

Arrow went over to the window in the living room and he was very sad when he saw it was still raining.

“Rain, rain and more rain,” said Arrow, looking out the window.

“I am sorry,” said Mommy, seeing the sad look on Arrow’s face. “The rain has not stopped yet.”

The next morning, it was the same thing.

“Oh poor Arrow,” said Mommy when she saw how sad he was again. “I know you wanted to go outside and play. It is just too wet out there and I don’t want you to get sick.”

Mommy tried her hardest to keep Arrow entertained but she knew that he wasn’t very happy. Later that afternoon, Arrow was having another nap and he was dreaming again about playing outside in the warm summer sunshine. This time in his dream though, he heard the sound of his leash and harness. It seemed to get louder and louder and then he realized he wasn’t dreaming.

Mommy was standing over him putting his harness on him. Arrow was so happy. He was finally able to go outside and play.

“You are such a good boy,” said Mommy, noticing that this time he was really good about getting his harness on. “Normally we have a wrestle fight with you and your harness.”

Arrow didn’t care that Mommy was putting his harness on him this time because he knew he was finally going outside to play. He was very happy about that.

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