Bee Stings

“It is such a nice day outside today,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “It is so nice to see summer is finally here. I think you children should go outside and play.”

“What about the bees?” asked Poor Mountain Sister. “I don’t want to get stung.”

“I agree with your Mother,” said Poor Mountain Father. “Summer is finally here. You need to enjoy it while you can. Winter will be back soon enough. By the way, about the bees, they will only sting you if you bother them. In all the years I have worked outside, I have only been stung once and that was because I tripped and fell into their nest.”

“Okay,” said Poor Mountain Sister. “We will go outside and play.”

“Good girl,” said Poor Mountain Father.

Poor Mountain Sister and her brother went outside to play. They decided they would build a gigantic sand castle in their sand box.

“A bee!” shouted Poor Mountain Brother.

“Don’t make a fuss over it,” said Poor Mountain Father, who was chopping firewood close to the sandbox. “Ignore it. It will go away.”

The Poor Mountain children continued to play and ignore the bee but the bee decided to sting Poor Mountain Sister on the arm.

“Ouch!” she screamed. “That bee stung me.”

“Okay children,” said Poor Mountain Father, dropped his axe on the ground. “Get in the house now. I see a bear just off to the edge of the fence. I think he just disturbed a bees nest. He made the bees angry.”

The Poor Mountain children carefully went into the house. Poor Mountain Father was right behind them.

“Ouch!” cried Poor Mountain Father who was getting stung a few times on his arms and his back.

The Poor Mountain Family were all gathered in the kitchen. Poor Mountain Mother tended to Poor Mountain Sister and Poor Mountain Father’s bee stings.

“Next time Poor Mountain Sister is concerned about bees,” said Poor Mountain Father. “I am going to listen to her.”

“Good idea,” said Poor Mountain Mother.


Moral of this Story:

  • Always be careful around bees.
  • Example: A bear had disturbed a nest of bees and made them angry.

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