Ray of Sunshine

“Will you look at that ray of sunshine that is coming in through the kitchen window,” said Mommy. “It is so nice and warm.”

Mommy wasn’t the only one enjoying the ray of sunshine. Arrow, her cat, was enjoying it as well. He laid on the kitchen floor right in the midst of it. Mommy almost stepped right on him when she was trying to was the dishes.

“I am glad to see you are enjoying the ray of sunshine as well,” said Mommy, bending over and tickling Arrow’s fat, furry tummy.

Arrow was enjoying the sunshine so much that he didn’t even care that Mommy was tickling him.

“That is not like you,” said Mommy laughing. “Usually when I tickle your tummy, you get up and move.”

Arrow continued to lie on the kitchen floor. He was lying on his back and the warm summer sun felt nice on his fat furry tummy.

“I sure am glad that summer is finally here,” said Mommy. “It sure was a wet and cold spring we had.”

Pretty soon, the ray of sunshine had moved a couple of inches. Arrow as no longer laying in the middle of it. He knew how to fix that though. He got up, moved over to where the ray of sunshine was shining on the floor and then he laid back down and roll back over onto his back so that his fat, furry tummy was getting warmed up.

Mommy laughed at Arrow because he was being pretty funny. A few times when he laid down and rolled over, he somehow missed the spot on the floor where the ray of sunshine was. He had to get up and try it again.

“Arrow,” laughed Mommy. “You are so funny.”

Arrow looked up at Mommy and meowed and then went right back to enjoying the ray of sunshine.



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