An Old Time Valentine

“I would like your advice about Valentine’s Day,” said David, Victor’s great-great-great-great-grandson. “I want to do something special for Janie. I came to you because you have seen almost 200 Valentine’s Days in your lifetime.”

“Yes,” said Victor, laughing. “Thanks to that spell that was put on me over 160 years ago.”

“So,” said David. “Do you have any ideas for a special Valentine’s Day?”

“Yes,” said Victor. “What I would suggest is to have an old-time Valentine’s Day.”

“Old-time,” said David. “I like that.”

“A nice old-time home-cooked meal,” said Victor.

“Yes,” said David. “This will be perfect. Janie is a simple old fashioned girl at heart.”

“Then you could give her this,” said Victor, going through an old chest and giving David a blue velvet box.

“I can’t take this,” said David, seeing a beautiful gold chain with a heart-shaped pendant.”

“I don’t need it,” said Victor. “It belonged to your great-great-great-great-grandmother.”

“Thank you,” said David. “Janie is going to love this!”

David cooked Janie a home-cooked roast beef dinner. Then he gave her the necklace and she cried while David put it on her.

“This is the most perfect Valentine’s Day,” said Janie. “Absolutely perfect.”

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” said David, giving Janie a kiss.


Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes old fashioned is the way to go.
  • Example: Victor suggest David give Janie an old time Valentine’s Day. She loved the idea.

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