Warming up on the Subway

“Oh my!” exclaimed Subway Sam stepping onto the subway in downtown Toronto. “That is a very cold winter day out there.”

“It certainly is,” said a young man, who entered the subway just before Subway Sam did. “This subway is not much warmer.”

The young man started to dance and Subway Sam noticed he was starting to warm up. Subway Sam started to dance as well.

“Oh dancing does warm me up,” said Subway Sam.

“It certainly does,” said the young man. “More people should try it.”

“That is a wonderful idea,” said Subway Sam, taking the hands of some of the passengers who were sitting on the seats of the subway and encouraging them to dance with him. “You will warm up in no time.”

Soon, everyone on the subway was dancing.

“This is helping to warm me up,” said an elderly lady, dancing.” Thank you so much!”

From that day on, whenever people felt cold on the subway, they would get up from their seats and dance.


Moral of this Story:

  • Dancing is a good way to warm up.
  • Example: A young man and Subway Sam figured out that dancing would keep them warm on a cold subway.

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