Love on Valentine’s Day

Beastly did up the buttons on his tuxedo jacket. He flipped his long donkey ears to the back of his head. He braced himself for the cold that was about to hit him, as he walked the short distance from his apartment to his dance studio.

“Oh Winnipeg, Manitoba is always so cold,” said Beastly. “I was hoping I would have had a bit warmer weather for Valentine’s Day but that did not happen.”

Beastly opened the door to his studio. A few of his students had already arrived and were practicing their dance routines. Beastly stood watching them dance and he felt a sadness come over him.

“They are beautiful,” Beastly heard a voice behind him.

“Happy Heart! “exclaimed Beastly, turning to see Happy Heart standing behind him. “It is very nice to see you. What are you doing in the cold weather of Winnipeg?”

“I am here to spread love and happiness,” said Happy Heart. “It is Valentine’s Day.”

“That is all good,” said Beastly. “But the only thing I love and that brings me happiness is my dance studio.”

“That is why I am here,” said Happy Heart. “I know you love your dance studio but I also know you feel sad because outside of the studio, you feel lonely.”

“Are you here to tell me I need someone to love?” asked Beastly.

“No,” said Happy Heart. “I am here to tell you that you don’t need to be sad. You are brilliant and have built a successful dance studio. Love will come for you, so please be patient and don’t be sad.”

Beastly thought about what Happy Heart said. He was brilliant and he had built his successful dance studio. He had built something to be proud of and something he could be happy about.

Beastly smiled and he was happy. He felt good about what he had accomplished.

“I think you are going to be okay,” said Happy Heart on her way out of the studio. “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Happy Heart closed the studio door and a few minutes later the door opened again. Beastly turned to look at who just came into the studio and the most beautiful woman entered.

“I would like some dance lessons,” said the woman.

“Of course,” said Beastly, heart fluttering and eyes mesmerized.

Beastly was in love.


Moral of this Story:

  • Love will find you.
  • Example: Beastly was sad on Valentine’s Day but Happy Heart reminded him of all he should feel happy about.

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