Runner Rabbit

“Oh dear!” cried Runner Rabbit, after opening up his cell phone bill. “Why is my cell phone bill so high? I can’t afford to pay that!”

Runner Rabbit stuffed the bill in his desk drawer.

“Maybe if I ignore it,” said Runner, to himself. “Then maybe I won’t have to pay it.”

The next day, Runner’s friend, Rita Rabbit, was visiting him.

“Did you see an increase in your latest cell phone bill?” asked Rita.

“Yeah,” said Runner. “I just stuffed it in my desk drawer. I’m not going to pay it.”

“You need to call them,” said Rita. “They made an error and they will correct it if you call. I called and they corrected mine.”

“I am sure they will correct it when I don’t pay it,” said Runner.

“If you don’t call them,” said Rita. “And you don’t pay them, they will disconnect your phone and then you will have to pay a reconnection fee.”

“Nah,” said Runner. “That will never happen.”

“I wish for once you would listen to me,” said Rita. “When will you learn that running from your problems instead of facing them, is never a good idea.”

Runner did not listen to Rita, as usual. A few weeks later, Runner’s cell phone was disconnected. He was very angry.

“And they want me to pay a reconnection fee!” shouted Runner. “How fair is that?”

“I told you,” said Rita.” A simple phone call would have solved the problem. When will you stop running from your problems? Why can’t you just face them?”

Runner ignored Rita, got out his cheque book and wrote a cheque for the full amount of the bill plus the reconnection fee. He then stuck the cheque in his desk drawer and was going to forget to mail it.

“I will mail it for you,” said Rita, taking the cheque out of his desk drawer.

Moral of this Story:

  • Don’t run from your problems.
  • Example: Runner Rabbit put his cell phone bill in his desk drawer and then he got his cell phone disconnected because he did not pay his bill.

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