November Blues

“November blues, November blues,” Billy Troll sang, while strumming his guitar. “Depressing moods, dark days.”

“Wow that song sounds pretty intense,” said a familiar voice from the doorway of Billy’s music studio.

“Hey Mick,” said Billy, not really wanting to talk to Mick Troll at the moment, but also not wanting to be rude at the same time. “Yeah, this weather is really getting to me.”

“Really,” said Mick. “I have written enough songs for an album. I find this weather makes me more productive because I am forced to stay indoors.”

Mick didn’t stick around long and when he left, Billy put his guitar down and thought about what Mick said.

“I just don’t get it,” said Billy to himself. “How can anyone be productive in this weather? I am so depressed because of it. It is dark and bleak outside.”

Billy picked his guitar back up and finished the last part of the chorus for the song he was working on just before Mick interrupted him.

“November blues, November blues,” said Billy. “Bleak outlook, the chill stays.”

Later that evening, Billy and his wife, Dianne were sitting in the music studio. Billy started strumming his guitar and singing his new song.

“Oh Billy!” exclaimed Dianne. “That song is pretty intense but I really do like it. You have captured the mood this weather is having on a lot of people.”

“Yes,” said Billy. “Everyone but Mick Troll.”

“What!” exclaimed Dianne. “What is that all about?”

“Oh Mick came over bragging about how productive he has been because of this weather,” said Billy. “I don’t see how anyone can be productive when it is so dark and bleak looking outside.”

“Cheer up sweetheart,” said Dianne, smiling. “There have been months where Mick didn’t write anything and you did.”

“True,” said Billy, writing down something on his notepad.

“What are you writing?” asked Dianne, going to look over Billy’s shoulder.

Dianne noticed several phrases he wrote on his notepad, one of them being ‘cheer up angel’.

“Ideas for songs,” said Billy, still writing.

“And I thought you had no inspiration,” laughed Dianne.

“I didn’t,” said Billy, smiling back. “Until you walked in the room.”


Moral of this Story:

  • The weather can cause artists to not be creative.
  • Example: Billy Troll was not being creative and he blamed it on the winter weather.

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