Beatrice Bee and Happy Honey

Beatrice Bee felt COLD one morning as she flew around Storyland.

“It is cold today,” said Beatrice Bee out loud.

“Yes,” said Racum Raccoon, who overheard Beatrice. “It is cold today.”

Racum Raccoon was in the middle of eating some HONEY. Even though he was cold, he was extremely HAPPY. The reason he was so happy is because he found some honey. He absolutely loved eating honey.

Honey is one of my very favourite foods to eat,” said Racum.

“I make honey,” said Beatrice. “Or, at least I used to.”

“You must be Beatrice Bee,” said Racum. “I have read all about you on Storyland. You are the bee that was banished from the bee hive outside of Bed Tyne Tales Storyland.”

“That is me,” said Beatrice.

“I am Racum Raccoon,” said Racum. “It is nice to meet you.”

“It is nice to meet you as well,” said Beatrice. “My name is Beatrice Bee. “You know, I have some honey that you could have.”

“Really,” said Racum in a WHISPER, because he didn’t want anyone else to hear him. “I would love that.”

Beatrice gave Racum a pot of her honey and he was so thrilled.

“Thank you,” said Racum, with honey dripping from his chin.

“You are WELCOME,” said Beatrice.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to share with others.
  • Example: Beatrice Bee gave Racum Raccoon a pot of her honey and he enjoyed it.
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