Mother Elf

It was Mother’s Day in Storyland. Mother Elf was walking down main street. She was holding hands with her two children as they walked.
“Mother,” said Jason, the oldest child. “Do elves celebrate Mother’s Day?”
“Am I a mother?” asked Mother Elf, smiling.
Yes,” said Annie, the youngest child. “You are our mother.”
“I am indeed,” said Mother Elf. “So, since I am a mother, I think it would be very nice for us to celebrate Mother’s Day.”
Jason and Annie chuckled together. That was exactly what they wanted to hear.”
Annie went upstairs to her bedroom. She came back downstairs and she had a small gift wrapped box. She handed it Mother Elf.
“My goodness,” said Mother Elf, opening up the gift and seeing a jade necklace inside.” This is beautiful.”
“Annie and I have been saving our money for the longest time,” said Jason.
“We wanted to get you something special because you are the best mother anyone could ever have,” said Annie. “Happy Mother’s Day!”
“Happy Mother’s Day!” exclaimed Jason.
“Thank you so much,” cried Mother Elf. “You two are the best children any elf could ever have!”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to recognize your mother on Mother’s Day.
  • Example: Jason and Annie gave Mother Elf a jade necklace for Mother’s Day.
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