Bobby the Butcher Surprises Mother for Mother’s Day

“Mother’s Day is coming up,” said Mother, while she helped Bobby the Butcher clean up the shop after closing.
“Indeed it is,” said Bobby, glancing up at the calendar that hung on the wall behind the cash register. “It is too bad that I have to work that weekend.”
“Can Jessica and Desmond not take over for you for Mother’s Day?” asked Mother.
Bobby cringed at that thought. He didn’t trust his Aunt Jessica ever since she and Desmond were married. He didn’t trust Desmond at all. Desmond was a warlock.
“I guess that means no,” said Mother, who was disappointed.
“Do you blame me?” asked Bobby.
“No,” said Mother. “I don’t blame you.”
“I just wish Aunt Jessica would learn just how manipulative Desmond is and how evil he is,” said Bobby. “I guess she may some day.”
“Hopefully sooner than later,” said Mother.
“Yes,” said Bobby. “Hopefully. Why don’t you take Mother’s Day off? You can go to the spa and be pampered. It will be my treat.”
“That would be nice,” said Mother.
Mother’s Day came and Bobby was at the shop working. Mother went to the spa. It was a rather slow day. Bobby was hoping for just that. He went into the meat cooler and he took out the leanest roast beef he could find. He seasoned it and put it into the slow cooker that he had brought from home. He already had potatoes and vegetables in it.
Just as Bobby was expecting, Mother came into the shop to see how things were after her day at the spa.
“What smells so good in here?” asked Mother.
“Happy Mother’s Day,” said Bobby, dishing up two plates of his roast beef dinner.
“What a wonderful surprise. “cried Mother. “This has been a perfect Mother’s Day!”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is nice to surprise Mother for Mother’s Day.
  • Example: Bobby the Butcher cooked Mother a roast beef dinner in a slow ooker, while he was working. ???
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