Easter Lily and the Chocolate Shortage

“It is almost Easter,” said Easter Lily, taking a walk in the garden. “It appears everyone is happy so it looks like Easter will go ahead as planned.”

” I am sorry,” said Easter Lily’s friend, Renee Chickadee. “We have a big problem and I know it is going to make you sad.”

“Oh dear,” said Easter Lily. “What is going on? Why am I going to be sad?”

“We have a chocolate shortage,” said Renee.

“I don’t understand,” said Easter Lily. “We just ordered a bunch of chocolate. It was just delivered yesterday.”

“Apparently we are missing several boxes of chocolate,” said Renee. “There isn’t enough to give out for the kids for Easter.”

“Interesting,” said Easter Lily. “Follow me. I have a feeling I know where it is.”

Easter Lily walked to the far edge of the garden. Renee flew just above her head. Easter Lily came to a cave. She went inside. Renee followed her.

“Just as I thought,” said Easter Lily.

Easter Lily had been to this cave a few days ago. She noticed a few boxes were piled up against one wall of the cave but she didn’t give it much thought.

“I think we will find the chocolate in these boxes,” said Easter Lily.

Easter Lily took one of the boxes down from the pile and set it on the floor of the cave. She opened it up and saw that the box was full of chocolate. She checked the rest of the boxes and sure enough, they were filled with chocolate as well.

“It looks like we have found the missing chocolate,” said Easter Lily.

“Yes,” said Renee, who noticed some tracks by the door of the cave and followed them. “I think I have found the culprit.

Renee found Robbie Raccoon at the back of the cave. Robbie was new to the garden.

“Did you take the boxes of chocolate?” asked Renee.

“Yes,” said Robbie. “I did but I wanted to make a special gift for the children of the garden for Easter.”

Robbie showed Easter Lily the chocolates he made. Half of the chocolate was made to look like Easter Lily and the other half was made to look like Renee.

“You made chocolates of us,” said Easter Lily, smiling.

“Yes I did,” said Robbie.

“I guess you are not sad now,” said Renee.

“Definitely not,” said Easter Lily.


Moral of this Story:

  • Situations are sometimes not what they seem.
  • Example: Robbie Raccoon took the chocolate so that he could make special Easter treats for the children in the garden.
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