A Happy Easter Day

Easter Lily just finished cleaning up the garden and she had everything prepared for Easter day. She had also just made sure that everyone in the garden was happy. Easter won’t come to the garden if anyone is sad.

“Are we ready for Easter?” asked Easter Lily’s best friend, Renee Chickadee.

“We are,” said Easter Lily, smiling. “There is not a sad person or a sad thought in the whole garden. I think it is safe to say that Easter can begin in the garden.”

“Hold onto that thought,” said Renee, looking up at the clouds changing in the sky. “I think I am sad. Those clouds look like rain clouds.”

“No,” said Easter Lily, looking up at the sky and seeing the clouds Renee was talking about.” Now, I feel sad too.”

Easter Lily and Renee took a look around the garden and they found that almost everyone was sad.

“Easter is ruined,” said Renee.

It started to rain and the more it rained the sadder everyone in the garden became.

“You know something,” said Easter Lily, after several minutes of thinking long and hard. “We shouldn’t be said that it is raining. We shouldn’t let the rain ruin Easter. I declare it is officially Easter in the garden. Let’s celebrate!”

“You are right,” said Renee. “I am not sad anymore. Let’s have Easter!”


Moral of this Story:

  • Rain doesn’t have to ruin anything.
  • Example: Easter Lily thought Easter was ruined because of the rain clouds but she realized that Easter didn’t have to be ruined.
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