It is Easter

Easter Lily poked her head out of the ground. She was very happy because she knew it was almost Easter and she was also very happy because she was alive once again.
Easter Lily stood up and shook the dirt off her. She then saw her friend, Renee Chickadee fly overhead.
“Renee!” called Easter Lily.
“Oh my!” exclaimed Renee, seeing her friend was alive again. “Does this mean it is almost Easter?”
“Yes,” said Easter Lily. “Easter is about a week away. I need to take a walk through the garden. Do you want to come with me?”
“Sure,” said Renee. “I would love to.”
Renee knew Easter Lily needed to make sure everyone was happy. Otherwise, Easter wouldn’t come to the garden.
Easter Lily walked along the garden path while Renee flew just above her.
“I hear something,” said Easter Lily.
“It sounds like someone is arguing,” said Renee.
“Oh no!” exclaimed Easter Lily, pointing in the direction of two young children arguing. “This can’t be happening.”
“That is my book,” said a little boy.

“No,” said a little girl. “This is my book. Yours is at home.”

“My book had a rip on the front cover just like this one,” said the boy.

“This is a rip on the back cover,” said the girl, smiling.

“Children,” said Easter Lily. “Why are you arguing?”

“She has my book,” said the boy.

Easter Lily took the book from the little girl and opened it up. On the front page the name Sheila was scribbled in crayon.

“Is your name Sheila?” asked Easter Lily, looking at the boy.

“No,” said the boy. “My name is Mathew.”

“I am Sheila,” said the girl, taking the book from Easter Lily.

A few minutes later, Easter Lily and Renee smiled as they saw the two children laughing and playing together.

“Looks like they are happy,” said Renee.

“Yes,” said Easter Lily. “It certainly does. Now we can have Easter!”

“I am glad,” said Renee. “I love Easter!”

“I do too,” said Easter Lily, smiling.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is not nice to argue.
  • Example: Easter Lily and Renee Chickadee saw two young children arguing about a book.
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