Easter Lily and Jellybeans

“It is a beautiful Easter morning,” said Easter Lily, while walking through the garden. “I am happy to see that everyone in the garden is happy.”

Easter Lily comes alive each Easter. She has one goal and one goal only. Her goal is to make sure everyone in the garden is happy. If there is even one person in the garden that is sad, Easter will not come.

“I agree,” said Renee Chickadee. “It is nice to see everyone so happy.”

Renee Chickadee flew above Easter Lily’s head as she walked through the garden. Renee spotted something on the garden pathway that she didn’t notice before.

“That is strange,” said Renee.

“What is strange?” asked Easter Lily.

Renee landed on the pathway and took a closer look. She saw lots of jellybeans all over the pathway.

“This could explain why nobody in the garden was sad this Easter,” said Easter Lily, picking up a handful of jellybeans off the ground and eating them.

“Yes,” said Renee. “It definitely could.”

“They are full of sugar,” said Easter Lily. “They taste so good!”

“They are,” said Renee, trying one.

“There is no way anyone will be sad after eating these,” said Easter Lily.

“That is very true,” said Renee. “I think your job was made very easy this Easter.”

“Definitely,” laughed Easter Lily.


Moral of this Story:

  • Easter is a happy time.
  • Example: Easter Lily and Renee Chickadee found some jellybeans and they were the reason everyone in the garden was happy.

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