Jackie Jester

“Jackie,” said Mother one morning at the breakfast table. “Your birthday is coming up soon. What would you like to do for your birthday?”

“I would like to play pranks on my friends,” said Jackie Jester.

“I think we could arrange that,” said Mother. “Just remember though, all your pranks must be safe. We wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt.”

“I understand,” said Jackie.

Jackie was born on April Fool’s Day. His whole family love to play pranks. They are always careful with the pranks they do to make sure they are safe. They may be pranksters but they would never hurt anyone.

“Do you know that I still remember the very first prank you played on me?” asked Jackie.

“Are you serious?” asked Mother. “You can still remembered when I sewed your socks together?”

“Yes,” said Jackie. “I do. I remember sitting on the floor, flipping those socks around in my hands for a long tune. I remember I couldn’t figure out how I was going to put them on my feet.”

“I finally had to take them away from you,” laughed Mother.” Now, go get your shirt on, I have to get you to school.”

Jackie went upstairs to get his shirt on that his mother had laid out on his bed. He tried putting his arms into his shirt but they wouldn’t go in. He took a good look at the shirt and saw his Mother had sewn the sleeves closed.

“Mother!” exclaimed Jackie, grabbing a different shirt and putting it on. “I know what you did to my shirt.”

April Fool’s!” exclaimed Mother, laughing.


Moral of this Story:

  • There are harmless pranks you can play on April Fool’s Day.
  • Example: Jackie Jester remembered a prank his mother played on him when he was young.

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