Jerome Finds a Friend

“I am very lonely,” said Jerome to himself as he walked the streets of Kelowna, BC.

Jerome was a 46 year old man that was down on his luck. He had no family, no home, no job and no money.

“I am so cold and so hungry,” said Jerome.

Jerome pulled up the collar on his tattered wool coat. He tried to button it up but the buttons popped off. The cold autumn wind ripped right threw him.

Jerome walked with his head down, trying to stay warm. He bumped into something and when he looked up and saw what it was, he was frightened.

“What are you?” asked Jerome.

“I am a tree,” said the object.

“A tree,” said Jerome. “How can you be a tree? You can walk and talk.”

“My name is A. Tree (A is for Apple),” said A. Tree.

“My name is Jerome,” said Jerome, shivering. “I can’t believe I am talking to a tree. I guess loneliness causes desperate measures!”

“I am sorry you are lonely,” said A. Tree. “Here, take this apple. I also noticed you are shivering. What are you doing outside on such a cold day?”

“I am down on my luck,” said Jerome, taking a huge bite from the apple A. Tree gave him. “I have no family, no home, no money and no job.”

“I am sorry to hear that,” said A. Tree.

“I appreciate this apple,” said Jerome.

“Here,” said A. Tree. “Take a few more.”

Jerome was very grateful for A. Tree. He never realized how good an apple tasted.

“Thank you so much,” said Jerome.

“You know,” said A. Tree. “The apple orchard I come from is hiring.”

“Really,” said Jerome. “I am desperate and would do anything at this point.”

A. Tree took Jerome to the apple orchard and Jerome was hired that very day.

“Who would have thought that bumping into an apple tree would have been so life changing?” laughed Jerome. “Thank you so much!”


Moral of this Story:

  • You never know where help will come from.
  • Example: Jerome bumped into A. Tree (an apple tree) and A. Tree helped him out.

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