A. Tree (A is for Apple)

A. Tree is an apple tree that grew in an apple orchard in Kelowna, BC.

Nobody knows why or how but A. Tree doesn’t have roots. He actually has feet and A. Tree can talk too.

A. Tree (the A stands for apple) is very grateful for his feet and also for his ability to talk. He decided he was going to use his feet and his voice to do good deeds for others.

A. Tree decided he would walk around Kelowna and hand out apples to every person he meets. He also decided he would give his apples to the less fortunate, the poor and the homeless.

People in Kelowna loved A. Tree. He is very pleasant to talk to and he truly cares. He does the best he can, by trying to help out.

A. Tree is by far the most kind and most considerate creature there ever was.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to help out other people.
  • Example: A. Tree walks around Kelowna and gives everyone apples from his tree.

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