“C” is for Colourful

Alphabet Allie was with her friend Candace. They were enjoying a beautiful autumn day together.

“This is a cool but crisp autumn day,” said Alphabet Allie. “‘C’ is for cool and crisp.”

“Look at how colourful the leaves on the trees are,” said Candace. “‘C’ is for colourful.”

“Bright crimson reds and canary yellows,” said Alphabet Allie. “‘C’ is for crimson and canary.”

“Autumn sure is a beautiful season with it’s tall cornstalks and sunflowers,” said Candace. “‘C’ is for cornstalks.”

“Look at that chipmunk under that tree,” said Alphabet Allie. “He is so curious. ‘C’ is for chipmunk and curious.”

“He is also cute,” said Candace. “‘C’ is for cute.”

Candace and Alphabet Allie had a wonderful day together exploring the autumn season.


Moral of this Story:

  • Autumn is a colourful season.
  • Example: Candace and Alphabet Allie enjoyed a very colourful autumn day together.

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