Rake – Master Action Words

“Do you want to come over to my place?” asked Harold, Master Action Words’ best friend. “Billy and I are going to play video games.”

“I can’t right now,” said Master Action Words. “I have to rake the leaves.”

“Do you know what type of word rake is?” asked Billy.

“Yes,” said Master Action Words. “Rake is an action word.”

“That is correct,” said Billy.

“Do you know what the word rake means?” asked Harold.

“Yes,” said Master Action Words. “I do. The word rake means to collect or gather using a garden tool with the same name.”

“Very good,” said Harold.

“How much do you have to rake?” asked Billy.

“I have the front yard left to rake,” said Master Action Words.

“Billy and I could help you,” said Harold. “Then we can play video games afterwards.”

“That would be wonderful,” said Master Action Words.

The two friends helped Master Action Words rake the front yard. Once they had it all raked up, they decided to jump in the big pile of leaves they created. It was such a beautiful autumn day.

The three friends had so much fun that they forgot all about playing video games.


Moral of this Story:

  • Raking leaves can be more fun than playing video games.
  • Example: Master Action Words and his friends Harold and Billy raked the leaves and then jumped into them instead of playing video games.

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