Summer Friend

“That is a beautiful apple tree,” said Tuffy Turtle, walking along an open field.

“This is my apple tree,” said Apple Monster, who saw Tuffy Turtle approaching. “Stay away from it.”

“I am Tuffy Turtle,” said Tuffy, introducing himself. “I wasn’t going to harm your tree. As a matter of fact, I was just telling myself how beautiful it was.”

“Oh,” said Apple Monster, not expecting that response. “Why are you here then? Usually anyone that comes by this tree wants to steal the apples from it. By the way, I am Apple Monster.”

“It is a beautiful summer day,” said Tuffy. “I was just out taking a walk. Really, the only thing I want is to be friends with you.”

“I think I could manage being your friend,” said Apple Monster.

“Good,” said Tuffy Turtle. “It is always nice to have a new friend.”

“Especially a friend who doesn’t steal my apples,” said Apple Monster.

“I would never steal your apples,” said Tuffy.

“You know,” said Apple Monster. “For someone with a name like Tuffy, you don’t seem very tough.”

“I’m not tough,” said Tuffy. “I haven’t got a tough bone in my body.”

“I really like my new summer friend,” said Apple Monster.

“I do too,” said Tuffy.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is not good to steal things.
  • Example:Apple Monster thought Tuffy Turtle was going to steal his apples but, Tuffy just wanted to be friends.

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