My Pet Croc

I have a pet. My pet is a very unusual pet. He is a crocodile. Croc lives with me in my small one bedroom apartment. We are both very cozy there and we have a good life together, just me and Croc.

See, Croc came to live with me about a year ago. I found Croc quite by accident. I was out swimming in my favourite swimming hole when I glanced over and saw a pair of eyeballs staring at me. I wasn’t the least bit frightened because Croc was just over six inches long. He was just a baby. I don’t know how he got there or where he came from but I really didn’t care. I wanted Croc as my pet.

For some reason Croc took to me that very day and he has never, ever tried to harm me in any way whatsoever. It is like I am his mamma. I wrapped Croc up in my old tshirt and took him home with me. Nobody else seemed to like Croc for some strange reason but I fell in love with my new pet and I’ve enjoyed his company ever since.

Croc and I spend a lot of times outdoors at our favourite swimming hole. It is funny but for some reason nobody else seems to enjoy the swimming hole anymore, either. It used to be a place where everyone could cool down and get some relief from the hot sun but now it is just empty. Oh well, me and Croc kind of like it that way anyway.

I have never been a real social person and ever since Croc came along, I have noticed that fewer and fewer people have come over or even talked to me on the street. It is kind of funny but I have noticed that there are less cats and dogs in my neighborhood since Croc moved in. Some people have insinuated that Croc has been eating them but I don’t think Croc would ever do such a thing. It is a mystery though, why I found a cat’s collar on my bedroom floor one day but no sign of a cat anywhere.

Croc eats mostly frogs and small fish that I have caught for him. He seems to enjoy them very much. I spend a lot of my time with Croc, never leaving his side for very long. During the winter, I would let Croc play in my bathtub. It was much too cold for him to go outside to our favourite swimming hole.

I realize that someday soon I will probably have to give Croc up, probably put him in the local zoo but for the time being I am going to enjoy my pet, my every unusual pet, Croc.


Moral of this Story:

  • Never have a crocodile for a pet.
  • Example: A crocodile is a wild animal. They do not make good pets.
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