Spring Sunrise

It was the beginning of spring. Mrs. Tulip had been in the ground since autumn, as a bulb. She stayed there all winter, buried under a few inches of snow, which was coated over with a quarter inch of ice. She was like that until the ice and the snow melted.

Soon, the spring rains came and the warm spring days. On one of those warm spring days, Mrs. Tulip felt herself sprouting out of the ground with the sun rising in the east.

By noon that same day, the sun was right over top of Mrs. Tulip’s head. She felt herself growing taller and taller. By dinner time, the sun was starting to set in the west and Mrs. Tulip felt that she had finished growing.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Mrs. Tulip, dancing. “I am alive!”

Mrs. Tulip danced and danced. A glimmer of sunlight hit her and she felt her roots turn into legs. Then she saw hands on the tips of her leaves.

“I am really alive!” exclaimed Mrs. Tulip. “This is amazing!”

Mrs. Tulip danced until she could dance no more. She felt wonderful and amazing. She felt happy.

“I am going to spread my happiness to everyone around me!” shouted Mrs. Tulip, with joy.

Mrs. Tulip did just that. She spread her happiness to everyone around her. Everyone knew she was happy and her happiness was infectious. Every spring Mrs. Tulip returned and every spring she spread her happiness.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to spread happiness to those around you.
  • Example: Mrs. Tulip was alive and happy and she wanted to spread her happiness to everyone around her.

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